Ecoféminisme avec Vandana Shiva

Navdanya - EcofeminismSi par hasard vous êtes en Inde ou prévoyez de vous y rendre:

Vandana Shiva, nous invite a un week end a Navdanya:

A Weekend on Ecofeminism with Dr. Vandana Shiva

March 14th – 16th, 2014

Faculty: Dr. Vandana Shiva

The dominant economic model, shaped by capitalist patriarchy and corporate greed, is in deep crisis. It is destroying the planet and people’s lives.  The principles on which it is based are greed and competition.  Its measure is ‘economic growth’. Its currency is money.

We need to shift to principles of care and cooperations. We need to move beyond ‘progress.’ The dominant history, and dominant concepts of ‘progress’, ‘development’, and ‘growth’,  paradigms of science and technology, are not neutral but shaped by powerful interests.  We will work at deconstructing these structures of power and illustrate the violence it wrecks against nature and women. We need to focus on the currency of life. The course will display the links between the feminist and ecological movements as it is the same worldview and structures that cause harm and destruction to both women and nature. Any response would entail confronting this worldview and paradigm.  Led by Dr. Vandana Shiva, the author of Staying Alive, Making Peace with the Earth, and Ecofeminism coauthored with Maria Mies.  Register at


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